This page contains a list of my favorite caches. The caches are rated on a three star scale: ★★★ Classic, ★★ Very Good, ★ Good.

GC Code Name Type Stars Country Notes
GCANGQ2 Tiny Blessings multi ★★★ SG Old school letterbox, with physical clues at each waypoint and written instructions. I enjoy these sorts of letterboxes more than the typical ones involving simply following GPS coordinates.
GC70854 Blast Them multi ★★★ SG This multi takes you to an abandoned WWII signal outpost. Some jungle bashing and urban climbing required. Bring a friend.
GC63XEE (WWII) Sai Wan War Cemetery / 西灣國殤紀念墳場 multi ★★★ HK Set in a tranquil WWII memorial cemetery, with a pleasant hike towards it. Requires light jungle bashing. Large ammo can for the final.
GC71AGR You are the Apple of my eyes letterbox ★★ HK Boldness required. A large container, with pictures of the CO's daughter and an interesting log book. The CO has another letterbox nearby that's also worth checking out.
GC5GR5Q 50 Scenes of Wan Chai multi ★★ HK Solving the puzzle is rather annoying, but is made up for by an excellently disguised hide at the end.
GC5JC7K We love moviesssssssss! letterbox ★★★ HK Excellent thematic container hidden in plain sight. The local staff are aware of the cache, so just go up and open it. Lots of room for swag and trackables.
GC8N8B1 Where's my glass slipper? traditional ★★ HK A relatively peaceful rooftop in the middle of a bustling district. Well disguised hide.
GC9ZXHF Book Bug VI multi ★★ SG A multi located within a library. Best done on a quiet afternoon, because the final location will have you being quite conspicuous.
GC9GGED Our City multi ★★★ SG Best experienced with a friend. Audio instructions will guide you to several waypoints. You and your partner will be separated at times, before reuniting at the end. Astoudingly high quality cache, in a very accessible location. A must-do.